Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: The Next Wave

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  1. Hi there / I’m using an iphone 6S+ and iOS 11.1.2. The slides are tiny in portrait orientation and the screen does not rotate to horizontal when I turn my phone around. Please fix this problem, and I will sign up for the course. Excellent material. Thank you.

  2. Very informative course, almost daunting in scope, but I think I have a ways to go before I need to trade ALTcoins which adds complication to the discussion. The first level will be challenging enough. With the way hackers are disrupting many computer systems, I do have concerns about securing funds even with the detailed discussion about that.

    Q/ with the cryptocurrencies gaining popularity is that affecting our model of cash flows between gold, S&P, and bonds, in terms of drawing funds away from these instruments?

    • Ralph,
      Investors see this as a new asset class that will factor into the overall asset allocation method they are using. Cryptocurrencies fall under the risky asset part of the portfolio so a max of 10% should be invested. I discuss this in Module 4. Regards, Jody Samuels

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