Module 2 Unit 3


Elliott Wave Module 2.3
Question #1: Which of the following is not a method for determining the end of a trend? Choose one answer.
Question #2: Are these steps in order in channeling to target wave 5:
1. Connect the tops of waves 1 and 3
2. Draw a parallel line from the bottom of wave 2 to project wave 4
3. Redraw channel to connect the bottoms of wave 2 and 4 once wave 4 is complete
4. Draw separate parallel lines from the top of waves 1 and 3
5. Draw a 50% trend line
Question #3: When using channeling techniques, what does it mean if the trend line (s) is/are broken? Choose one answer
Question #4: What is the awesome oscillator? Choose one answer.
Question #5: How do you project price in the target zone for a 5-wave sequence and the internal sub-wave 5 when wave 3 is extended? Choose one answer.
Question #6: Which statement is incorrect.