Module 3 Unit 1


Elliott Wave Module 3.1
Question #1: The last pattern in a combination is never a triangle.
Question #2: A zigzag correction consists of wave A, B and C, where wave A and C are __ wave structures. Choose one answer.
Question #3: Triangles can be found in a wave 2 or wave 4.
Question #4: Corrective patterns are divided into two types. What are they called? Choose one answer.
Question #5: If you count A, B, C (W), (X), A, B, C (Y), (X), A, B, C (Z), what have you just indentified? Choose at least one answer.
Question #6: Which wave in an A-B-C structure, which appears after a 5-wave sequence, is considered the bull trap? Choose one answer.
Question #7: A corrective wave pattern can be: Choose one answer.
Question #8: Which corrective pattern count is not valid?
Question #9: When is corrective wave structure observed? Choose one answer.
Question #10: Which types of triangles are valid?
Question #11: Which are valid flat corrections? Choose one answer.